Welcome to Point Coaching – Integral Life Coaching® and Integral Business Coaching based in Edinburgh

Have you ever wanted to make real and lasting change in your life? We have, and we know it’s not necessarily easy, but working with one of our Integral Coacheshere at Point Coaching can make it far easier.

There are many Life Coaching and Business Coaching companies in Edinburgh offering their services, but we are confident that our Integral approach and professional and friendly service is one of the best on offer. In order for you to find this out for yourself, why not contact us today and make that first step towards a new upgraded you.

Wherever you are at this moment in time is your entry POINT. This is the ‘you’ that you bring to the coaching relationship, the ‘you’ that has had successes and failures and which is the accumulation of all that you are at this POINT in time. This is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate before we move on looking into your future and becoming clear on the ‘you’ that you want to become; the bigger, happier and more fulfilled ‘you’. Integral Coaching® is about discovering what deeply matters to you in your life whatever it may be, and then working together bridging the gap from where you are at this POINT in time to the future ‘you’ through a Coaching Programme uniquely designed for you, meeting you in your life here and now.

At POINT COACHING Edinburgh we work with helping people find success and fulfilment in areas they have been struggling with for years by cutting through outdated belief patterns and quickly getting to the heart of the matter. With the Integral Coaching® method people are able to move forward in unexpected and powerful ways, making real and sustainable change in their lives. o

Here at POINT COACHING both of our qualified coaches, Chris and Helena, are trained and certified with Integral Coaching Canada. This training involved 20 months of intense training and study and is some of the best coaching training in the world.

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Integral Coaching® and Integral Coach™ are registered trade-marks in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Chris Alder and Helena Alder.